Most B2B organisations are becoming better at enabling sales to engage more effectively with customers through new tools, training and coaching.
But as digitalisation moves direct customer engagement closer to marketing, who’s enabling them continuously perform better in customer interactions as well?

Key take-aways:

  • The majority of B2B marketers are self-taught and there’s a critical skills gap for them to perform in todays selling environment
  • You’re probably underinvesting in training and development of your marketing organisation
  • 3+1 actions to boost marketing enablement (and collaboration with sales…)

Who’s enabling marketing?

If you go to Google Trends and check the 5 year development of the term “Sales Enablement”, you’ll find that it’s grown 3-4x since 2013, in number of searches.
Now try doing the same for the term “Marketing Enablement”, and see what you get? Yes. I know. Quite disappointing.