The CRO Podcast Episode 2 – The Evolution of Marketing5 min read

by | Apr 17, 2020

We are currently witnessing the need for placing a manager on top of sales and marketing, who have a strong understanding of the two disciplines in a modern context, driven by a new customer purchase journey.

– Mikkel Bach Andersen, Partner, Kvadrant

In this episode we investigate the evolution of marketing over the last couple of decades and illuminate the prerequisites  for building a succesful markering engine.

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Mikkel Bach-Andersen

Mikkel Bach-Andersen

Partner at Kvadrant Consulting

+45 40411331

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Breaking the marketing mold: Eight pointers from the frontline on how to transform the B2B marketing function

For Chief Marketing Officers in B2B companies there have never been a better way to show direct impact on the business. Yet, at the same time, we often see how difficult it is for even very seasoned marketing leaders to follow through on the needed transformation of Marketing. While there are much written about the “why” and the “what” of turning marketing into a revenue-contributing function we believe that there is lack of insights on “how” to handle the transformation. This article will cover those topics and hopefully provide some guidance on how marketing leader can maximize the probability of succeeding with the often much needed revamp of their function.

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