Live webinar, Wednesday May 19th, 2021 (8-9am CET)


When to select a distributor or agent sales go-to-market-model and how to make the partnership a success

While a direct sales force is at the core of most businesses selling to other businesses (B2B), it is not always the right approach to grow in a market or even a possibility. Sometimes to grow, we have to sell to, through or with others (distributors or agents).

But distributor or agent sales comes with both its advantages and disadvantages. You might be able to reach buyers or be present in markets not otherwise possible, but have to settle for lower margins and less control over sales outcomes.

For B2B companies using 3rd party companies to take their products to markets, there are 4 critical questions to ask and answer

  1. Under which conditions do we use direct sales and when do we use distributors & agents?
  2. How do we select the right distributors and agents to work with?
  3. How do we set up the partnership in a way that is most likely to create a “win-win” situation for both us and the distributor?
  4. How do we manage the relationship to develop it and the business over time?

In this 1-hour webinar we will cover how B2B sales organizations approach answering these 4 questions


8.00: How to choose between agent/distributor or direct sales model

8.15: 3 collaboration models for sales through agents and distributors

8.30: How to choose the right agents/distributors to work with 

8.45: How do you work with your agents/distributors to grow sales?

The session will be led by Kvadrant Consulting Partner, Martin Mariussen


Target audience

  • VP of Sales
  • Head of Sales
Mikkel Bach-Andersen

Mikkel Bach-Andersen


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