Live webinar: Wednesday, September 1st, 2021 (8.15-9.00 am CET)

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If there’s one thing most B2B sales and marketing leaders can agree on, it’s that lead generation is a good idea. Most sales leaders want quality leads to follow up on, and most marketing leaders want to contribute to revenue growth and measurable impact on new customers. So why is it so difficult to get right?

Despite the common starting point, creating a true lead engine faces many challenges:

1) Lack of sales and marketing collaboration and empathy
At the end of the day, building a lead engine is a true sales + marketing sport. If both players don’t come to the same table and play by the same rules, it will be futile

2) “Campaign” instead of “Engine” thinking
Marketing especially is raised with a campaign-centric background. Communication calendars, quarterly campaigns, and product launches. A lead engine runs counter to this, building on an always-on approach and with a mindset of building longer-lasting assets.

3) Lack of industrialized lead generation and qualification
While most sales and marketing departments generate leads, the trick is to industrialize both the generation of those and crucially also the qualification phase – where most lead engines ultimately fail.

4) The right strategy, goals, measurement, and organisation
Because the lead engine and the “always-on” approach run counter to what many companies do today, it requires a different way of thinking about goals, measurement, and the organisation that makes it happen.

In this webinar, we will provide a research-backed framework for building a lead engine, address the key challenges and provide case studies from successful implementations that have driven hundreds of millions of DKK in the sales pipeline.


8:15 The challenges of building a true lead engine

8:20  Introducing the Lead Engine framework and key activities

8:35 Top 5 learnings from implementing lead engines in large B2B organisations

8:45 Open Q&A and discussion


Target audience

  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • VP Demand Generation
  • Chief Commercial Officers
  • VP Sales

Key take-aways

  • Understand the pitfalls and challenges of building a lead engine
  • Get a clear framework for how to address them
  • Hear from experienced leaders that overcame the challenges
Brian Andersen

Brian Andersen


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