A 90 paged step-by-step guide for commercial executives in B2B companies on how to turn their Marketing function into an indispensable asset and a revenue-generating powerhouse

What’s inside the guide

How to set the strategic direction for your Marketing function

How to design your Marketing Operating Model

How to measure Marketing´s contribution to the business

How to align marketing and sales

How to define your Marketing Tech stack

How to implement a transformation of the Marketing function in just 100 days

… And much more 

Even though there are few formulaic answers to the topics covered in this guide, we hope it has provided some food-for-thought that you can apply in your daily job. If you like this guide, we would love if you would spread the word to colleagues or peers that might find it useful. You are of course also welcome to reach out to me or one of my colleagues, if you would like some input on your specific challenges & opportunities. You can reach me at

Mikkel Bach-Andersen

Partner, Kvadrant Consulting