Live webinar: Wednesday, September 15th, 2021 (8.15-9.00 am CET)

The value of B2B Customer Success beyond SaaS

How the emerging Customer Success function can add value to all B2B organisations with customer retention and up-sell opportunities

Customer Success came to fame in B2B SaaS companies who had a very clear challenge: Software was bought, but not adopted widely in the organisation, leading to an adoption gap. Because SaaS relies on renewals and usage rates in maximizing revenue per customer, it made sense to establish a dedicated function to take care of it.

Since then, more and more B2B commercial teams have experimented with Customer Success due to it’s potential value in many kinds of businesses:

1) It is fundamentally a specialization exercise. As the role of the B2B salesperson keeps expanding, taking a clearly defined part that was traditionally account management, allows sellers to focus on selling.

2) Differentiation against commoditization and competition. A more competitive marketplace drives the need for new ways to differentiate and make sure your customers get the most value out of your product; whether it’s software, hardware or services. The goals of a Customer Success department is first and foremost delivering a great Customer Experience, the ultimate differentiator that can’t be copied like a product feature.

3) Proactive instead of reactive support and account management. Accounts rarely churn because they just got a better offer from someone else. Often it is based on a much deeper dissatisfaction and lack of support from their current vendor. Most account managers and customer support are just reactive towards existing customers and miss churn-creating problems that require proactive efforts.

In this webinar, we will explore the potential of Customer Success, provide a blueprint for how to establish your own function, and share learnings from successful Customer Success transformations.


8:15 Defining Customer Success and how it can differentiate your B2B business

8:20 A proven blueprint for establishing Customer Success

8:35 Learnings from Customer Success journeys

8:45 Open Q&A and discussion



Target audience


  • Heads of Sales
  • Heads of Operations
  • Heads of Customer Support / Success
  • Heads of Marketing
Key take-aways


  • A clear idea of what Customer Success can mean for your business
  • A blueprint for establishing the function
  • Learnings from the trenches
Brian Andersen

Brian Andersen


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