Live webinar: Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 (8.15-9.00 am CET)

Data driven segmentation to boost sales effectiveness

How sales organisations use segmentation as an ongoing discipline for effective selling, rather than a “one-off” project for conceptual understanding

Using data to break down target markets and customer portfolios into discrete segments to be managed differently, is a critical part of effective resource allocation for any sales & marketing organization.

But too often segmentation projects are done correctly fail to translate into the right actions and needs “updating” every third or fourth year as company strategy and data changes, due to several reasons

  • Segments are conceptually correct but can not be acted upon by salespeople that need the ability to place specific accounts into specific segments
  • Segments are built from static data set and accounts that fall into the different segments are therefore not continuously updated
  • Data that the segmentation model is built upon is not maintained and updated

When done right, segmentation is developed and implemented as an ongoing discipline to guide sales & marketing actions, with the help of technology & data. Ongoing guidance on specific action to take with specific accounts at specific times

In this webinar, we will unbox how B2B companies at the forefront are taking a new approach to segmentation to make it actionable, on-going and value-creating for everyone from salespeople on the road to the leadership team 


8:15 The 5 most common types of segmentation in sales & marketing

8:25 The characteristics of segmentation done right

8:35 How to get started

8:45 Q&A


Target audience

  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • VP Demand Generation
  • Chief Commercial Officers

Key take-away

Understand a new approach to segmentation that is actionable, ongoing, and value-creating for everyone from salespeople on the road to the leadership team

 Mikkel Bach-Andersen

Mikkel Bach-Andersen


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