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Understand digital marketing & channel performance in-depth to identify improvement areas and develop a strategy and roadmap for success

As B2B buying and research goes digital, the channels across paid, owned and earned digital are more important than ever. Research shows that the company website is often as critical in a sales process as the face-to-face interactions with the salesforce.

Unfortunately, many commercial B2B organisations have not prioritized their digital channels enough, or are entrusting their performance with a media or digital agency with the wrong incentive structures. Often B2B companies end up with overly complex, poorly converting and inside-out digital channels that fail to enable buyers and convert to leads and business.


Digital Commercial Transformation

eCommerce and Marketplace Strategy

What we do


We help B2B companies properly assess their current digital landscape, and identify both opportunities for improvement as well as possibilities to down-prioritize non-essential channels to free up time for execution. Because we are independent of media channels, technology or solutions, we can be truly objective when working with:

  • Digital strategy development
  • Digital media performance analysis
  • Website content performance
  • Digital operating model
  • Conversion analysis and optimization
  • Information architecture and structure
  • Development of buyer enablement tools and content

It’s easy to get wrong; buyers are more picky and time-sensitive than ever, and the landscape of SEO and digital media buying is increasingly competitive. Tech vendors often market the promised land, but many organisations are left in digital quicksand; unable to move forward because they are kept back by bloated tech stacks and improper strategy or execution.

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    Digital Assessment & Strategy

    How we work


    We combine digitally savvy and native insights and experience with deep understanding of your business, industry and the B2B buying process. This combination is crucial to avoid over-engineering tech solutions or losing track of the B2B sales & marketing fundamentals that still apply online.

    When working with Kvadrant, you will get a partner that has real-life experience working with digital assessment & strategy in different industries, and the breadth of knowledge to go from board room business case down to the technology and resources required for implementation. We are agnostic of platforms, channels and free of typical digital media & agency incentives and can provide truly independent consultation.

    Each project is different, but might include;

    • In-depth analysis of channel, content and advertising performance
    • ROI analysis and scale/stop recommendations
    • Digital strategy through scenario & choice models
    • Inclusive development with your existing internal team
    • RFP process assistance or agency selection

    Reach out to Kvadrant Consulting today if you’re interested in improving your digital marketing and channel performance.

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