Digital Commercial Transformation 

Take full advantage of digital opportunities to get more efficient sales & marketing machines while capturing new growth areas

“Digital Transformation” might be a buzzword, but it also covers a number of crucial enablers and opportunities for the modern B2B commercial organisation.

One of the clear learnings from the past 10 years, is that digital transformation cannot come to commercial organisations from the outside. There is rarely a proactive IT or “digital” department that comes running with great tools and processes and suddenly makes the sales & marketing departments transform.

Digital transformation has to come from inside the commercial organisation itself.


Digital Assessment & Strategy

eCommerce and Marketplace Strategy

What we do


We help B2B companies identify, size and implement the truly transformative digital initiatives that matter. Examples include:

  • Developing digital demand & lead generation engines
  • Revenue operations & business intelligence
  • Sales performance management
  • Single customer view & CRM excellence
  • Digital, social and virtual selling
  • New channels and transaction engines

It’s easy to get lost in the hype of new technologies. But commercial organizations can’t make wild bets on over-hyped buzzwords. Every initiative must be able to be tied to new revenue in the foreseeable future. Unfortunately we see a trend sometimes to spend too much time on moonshots and cutting edge technology, simply because they’re exciting to talk about and less committing than more hands-on efforts. If you’re in B2B sales & marketing, you need to stay grounded on growth initiatives that can deliver results within the next 1-3 years, and most organizations simply aren’t in a place to realistically get value out of cutting edge technology.

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    Digital Commercial Transformation

    How we work 


    We combine digitally savvy and native insights and experience with deep understanding of your business, industry and the B2B buying process. This combination is crucial to avoid over-engineering tech solutions or losing track of the B2B sales & marketing fundamentals that still digitally. When partnering with Kvadrant, you will work with consultants who have real-world experience of creating and implementing digital transformation, including the learnings from failures and dead-ends we can help you avoid. We help you get started in the right way, and identify opportunities and solutions that aren’t wild moonshots, but viable and relevant for your organisation.

    We approach eCommerce strategy with an in-house developed framework where we dive into:

    • As-is analysis and understanding of current state
    • Identifying digital transformation initiatives and relevance
    • Applying an approach of sizing and estimating business cases for each
    • Getting a common vision and direction in place
    • Prioritizing and planning initiatives
    • Helping get the first pilots off the ground

    Talk to Kvadrant Consulting if you want a truly independent advisor. We are not tied to any particular channel, technology or ecosystem, and can provide the right combination of strategic insight with operational guidance to make your digital transformation a success.

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