Executive Coaching & Sparring

We support commercial executives to set the course, define the plan and drive the change initiatives needed to transform their organization

While managing a day-to-day business, keeping a long-term view, and staying on top of recent developments in the marketing & sales space is unattainable for many busy commercial executives.

As a consequence, commercial leaders can often benefit from outside sparring and stimuli.


Organizational Design & Transformation

Sales Operating Model & Enablement

What we do


Commercial leaders often approach us for coaching and sparring on solving specific challenges, building & managing their team(s), and developing their strategic plans.

The delivery can both entail professional skill coaching and practical support on strategy formulation and hardwiring.

How we work


Our partner team at Kvadrant Consulting conduct sparring sessions with commercial executives on how to solve specific challenges and coach them on how to develop their thinking.

We also drive leadership workshops and provide ad-hoc, sprint-based support on strategy formulation and detailing of transformation plans.

Case in point

Through weekly sessions spread across two months, we provided coaching, sparring and presentation support to a CMO in a packaging company.

We helped the CMO create a new blueprint for marketing in the company, as well as design the new organizational model and map the capabilities needed to succeed with the transformation.

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