Joint Sales & Marketing Go-To-Market Programs

Boost revenue generation by executing full-funnel programs that cut across Sales & Marketing

In a digitally-enabled and content-fuelled world, customers don’t care whether marketing content or salespeople help them buy. This development also means that companies with tightly aligned sales & marketing see 25-30% higher 3-year revenue growth.

Deploying joint Sales & marketing programs – in contrast to marketing campaigns or sales pushes – is a practical way of ensuring this collaboration.


Segmentation and Value Propositions

Deal Acceleration

What we do


At Kvadrant Consulting, we help sales & marketing teams work together around a coordinated set of actions to deliver on shared revenue KPIs. While these programs can be segment, geography, or solution-area specific, we usually support the following activities:


  • Define target segments, review and select accounts, evaluate revenue potential, and understand the buyer journey
  • Develop the go-to-market approach, including how to engage the target group and with which messaging
  • Develop the needed content and tools to build awareness, generate & nurture leads, facilitate sales meetings and create winning proposals.
  • Develop the playbook that enables decentral teams to execute the programs independently.
  • Define the internal collaboration and governance model. This includes team composition, roles & responsibilities, reporting format & frequency, as well as workflow.

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How marketing & sales alignment creates revenue growth 

How we work


Joint sales & marketing programs require alignment, coordination, and orchestration across functions and workstreams. To address this, we usually work sprint-based during the development of the toolbox while supporting clients on the program management once it is running:

1. Development sprints where we, together with the client team, work on the toolbox as fast as possible. Classical waterfall-like project management falls short, as there are many moving parts, and companies can rarely allocate + 6 months to develop the content and toolbox needed to execute the program. Instead, we prefer to work with a small but empowered, cross-functional team capable of developing all the needed parts of the program without extensive stakeholder alignment and documentation requirements.

2. Anchoring and enablement of the sales & marketing professionals that are working on executing the program. This includes onboarding to the program background, purpose, operating model, and KPI’s. It also includes training in and simulation of how to use the toolbox during customer engagements

3. Ongoing monitoring and adjustments. Once the program is running, we keep track of objectives such as leads generated, meetings held, opportunities created. We also collect qualitative input on what is working and what can be improved. Based on the quantitative and qualitative input, we iteratively adjust the go-to-market approach or toolbox accordingly.

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 Mikkel Bach-Andersen

Mikkel Bach-Andersen


+45  40 41 13 31 

Mikkel Bach-Andersen

Mikkel Bach-Andersen


 +45  40 41 13 31

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