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Design and implement a scalable engine for lead generation, qualification and conversion across marketing & sales teams

If there’s one thing most B2B sales and marketing leaders can agree on, it’s that lead generation is a good idea. Most sales leaders want quality leads to follow up on, and most marketing leaders want to contribute to revenue growth and measurable impact on new customers. So why is it so difficult to get right?

Most commercial organisations struggle to get the right sales & marketing collaboration in place to truly build scalable lead engines. It simply requires a different approach than normal marketing initiatives and campaigns.


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What we do


We build lead engines in close collaboration with our customers, by connecting sales & marketing teams on the activities that matter, and with our own framework and approach that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales pipeline. We are not a media or creative agency, but focus on the things that truly matter in complex B2B organisations:

  • Setting the right strategic context and direction
  • Building a business case for both the short and long term
  • Getting the right tech stack in place
  • Generating the right amount of leads in the target audience, at the right cost
  • Qualifying leads through a documented process between sales & marketing
  • Helping lead conversion by building a sales process customized for new leads
  • Setting goals and providing guardrails and setup for analysis

Getting a lead engine right is no easy task; but it’s one of the most scalable and profitable initiatives any commercial B2B organisation can do to grow their business in the long run.

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Lead Engine Development


How we work


We take a combination of strategic and hands-on approach to lead engines. Getting the strategic context, business case and goals in place is crucial, but the proof is very much in the pudding when leads start dropping in CRM and the sales process kicks off. We find that we can only succeed if we are deep in the weeds, side-by-side with our customers in these projects.

When working with Kvadrant, you will get a partner that has real-life experience building lead engines in different industries, and the breadth of knowledge to go from board room business case down to the tactical possibilities on LinkedIn and the most common CRMs.

The process typically takes 3-5 months depending on the scale and ambition level, and might cover:

  • In-depth analysis of existing performance
  • Development of strategy, business case and KPIs
  • End customer target audience research
  • Designing targeting, CTAs, messaging and process
  • Creating and testing lead qualification approaches
  • Developing sales training material
  • Implementing and running pilots and roll-outs
  • Roadmap and investment recommendations pending pilot

We take an agile and practical approach to go from project kick-off to first lead and learning as fast as possible. In the end, it’s what happens in the sales meeting and CRM that matters, not the Powerpoint.

Reach out to Kvadrant Consulting today if you’re interested in improving your lead engine performance, or if you’re starting from scratch and want to build a truly scalable growth engine.


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