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Build high performing commercial teams and organizations, fit for the new B2B buying environment and ever changing market conditions.

The world in which the commercial organization operates has changed dramatically over the past decade, as B2B buyers have gone digital and companies themselves are moving to digitalize.

However, most commercial organizations are still organized around an world view where sales sells and marketing supports and a reconfiguration of the commercial organization is needed to foster more value cration from sales & marketing and bridge the gap between the two.


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What we do

We help CEOs and commercial leaders re-configure how people are organized in the commercial organization to better reflect the environment in which they work, creating commercial teams that create more value, have higher autonomy for decision making and higher engagement in their work.

  • Commercial objective, KPI & responsibility mapping
  • Internal & external research to map key challenges for organization to solve
  • Organizational blueprint design & selection
  • Commercial team & role descriptions
  • Executive briefs for involvement in executive suite and commercial organization
  • Transformation roadmap design & planning
  • Re-organization execution support

Re-configuring the commercial organization to fit a new reality is essential, but challenging because commercial leaders must “perform while transforming”. We help them succeed with that.

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How we work


When working with organizational design & transformation, no two projects are alike because no two companies and the business environments in which they operate are alike.

Similar to all project however, is the view that the commercial organization is a solution to meeting specific objectives (awareness creation, lead generation, sales, customer success etc.) and addressing specific challenges. For this reason we always start by clearly defined the objectives and areas responsibility for the commercial organization to succeed with and the challenges the commercial organization needs to be structured around solving.

While the transformation of the organization might take longer, the process from start to a new organizational blueprint with associated operating model typically takes 3-4 months:

  • Defining commercial objectives/KPIs and mapping areas of responsibility to be handled
  • Internal & external research to define key stakeholders of the commercial organization and challenges to address.
  • Designing ideal organizational structures and matching with current resource availability
  • Creating organizational role descriptions and setting commercial teams with distinct areas of responsibility
  • Redesigning commercial operating model to fit new organizational blueprint
  • Design & deployment of organizational transformation roadmap

We take a practical approach to all commercial re-organization tasks, working closely with commercial leaders to co-create the new organizational blueprint based on our knowledge about best-practice, research about the company and leaders understanding of what is achievable and desirable.

Case in point

The VP of Marketing & Communications at a global industrial manufacturer with $3bn annual revenues, found that changing tasks and requirements for her global marketing organization had resulted in 70% of her employees effectively working as ad-hoc project managers and as a result effectiveness and efficiency of her global marketing engine was suffering.

She needed a new global marketing organization to better capture new areas of responsibility into small focused teams, creating centralized excellence functions while improving regional marketings ability to drive local growth and create a more slim and efficient global marketing organization.

Over 3 months, Kvadrant Consulting worked with the global marketing leadership team to create a new organizational blueprint with defined team and role descriptions and designing the transformation roadmap to built a global marketing organization fit for their new reality.

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