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Design, build & deploy learning & development programs for your salesforce, through physical, digital & virtual training, supported by Learning Management Systems (LMS)

The days of the average B2B “order-taker” salesman are over and B2B sellers need to specialize in acting as consultative sellers using physical, virtual and digital customer touch points to succeed. We help the salesforce get there and help the commercial organization build the content & infrastructure for continuous learning & development


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What we do


We help sales leaders, commercial excellence, and HR create and deploy knowledge, skills & mindset development programs for their salesforce (sellers and managers), while building the Learning Management Systems (LMS) and content to provide continuous learning & development 

B2B seller training

  • Pipeline & opportunity management
  • Value based selling in customer interactions
  • Proposal writing & presentation
  • Account management
  • Virtual & social selling
  • Prospecting

Sales Manager Training:

  • Pipeline, deal & skills coaching
  • Implementing a sales management cadence & time management
  • Team leadership
  • Sales rep and manager capability assessment
  • Pipeline management + pipeline coaching training
  • Opportunity management + deal coaching training
  • Meeting management + skills coaching training
  • Account management training + executive selling
  • Virtual & Social Selling training
  • Prospecting & thought leadership

Our sales development experts have decades of experience in designing, creating & deploying sales development programs for companies in a broad range of B2B industries (legal services, shipping, construction, professional services, IT, industrial manufacturing) and are accustomed to working with all major sales methodologies.

We work with both existing company learning management systems or help implement new LMS, if required.

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How we work


Salesforce capability development is typically conducted in close collaboration with sales leadership and internal commercial excellence / training resources. Besides involvement with key people in the sales organisation, we have a strong preference for involving marketing and use their knowledge and expertise to create meaningful and company specific sales training content.

Each salesforce capability development project is different, depending on clarity of capability development needs, company desired level of involvement and scope of task, but typically follows six steps:

  • Assessment and identification of key areas for capability development
  • Design of capability development program & deployment approach
  • Learning & development content creation (digital, virtual & physical)
  • Train-the-trainer (equipping internal company resources with ability to train & run programs)
  • Sales training (conducting virtual and physical training sessions)
  • LMS implementation & program management

The end result is always a sales organization equipped with the right skills, tools & mindset to succeed, developed through company tailored learning content and delivered through senior consultants.

Case in point

The CCO of a global safety services company needed to equip salesforce with new skills, to succeed with the launch of new set of company solutions, different from the traditional “products” sold by the commercial organization.

What he needed was a sales training program that could be rolled out globally, with limited need for regional tailoring, equipping the global salesforce with the ability to sell based on value (Value Based Selling) and act as a trusted advisor to their customers (Consultative Seller).

Over four months the company partnered with Kvadrant Consulting to create a company tailored program built around value based selling and consultative selling, delivering training & skills development through a mix of e-learning, virtual & on-site training sessions.

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Thomas Børve-Jørgensen

Thomas Børve-Jørgensen

Managing Partner


Thomas is Managing Partner at Kvadrant Consulting and has +15 years of experience as a management consultant. Thomas helps commercial leaders accelerate performance in their commercial organisation. He specializes in high complexity B2B sales and marketing and has led numerous of global commercial transformation projects.

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