Segmentation and Value Propositions

Segment your audiences and develop compelling value propositions to unlock growth and stand out from competition

Segmentation provides the foundation on which a company’s growth strategy is built. It is the key driver that defines your opportunities, where you target, and Рtogether with strong value propositions Рhow you win.


Commercial Strategy

Strategic Branding

What we do


At Kvadrant Consulting, we help companies identify and select segments based on attractiveness and formulate differentiating value propositions to win the target segments. Our approach focuses on listening to and learning from the client and all customers along the way. Our segmentation and value proposition engagements have helped clients:


  • Clearly define where to target and not to target
  • Funnel resources towards high-profit potential customers
  • Build more effective messaging
  • Develop more effective commercial strategies
  • Determine necessary investments in capabilities to unlock value in the market

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How we work


1. When we work on segmentation engagements, we always start with defining the internal users and use cases of the segmentation model. Too much segmentation and value proposition work end up being nothing more than a report writing exercise without any practical application. We address this pitfall by working with clients on understanding stakeholders, users, and use cases. These discussions inform the scope, process, format, content of the program and ultimately greatly improve the business outcomes.

2. Once the outset, purpose, and use case are clear; we engage in data crunching. This includes a mix of qualitative and quantitative research to gain both an in-depth understanding of segmentation variables and customer needs while also quantifying and ranking these

3. We build the segmentation model and the corresponding value proposition that help our clients unlock those segments

4. We anchor the segmentation model and corresponding value propositions in the sales & marketing organizations and detail how these tools should inform decision-making

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Mikkel Bach

Mikkel Bach


Mikkel has more than 12 years of experience consulting business-to-business companies on sales & marketing related topics. Mikkel has a functional focus on brand strategy, value propositions, segmentation, organizational design, commercial strategy, product launches and deal acceleration.

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