Live webinar, Wednesday May 12th, 2021 (8-9am CET)


How marketing teams can move away from time-boxed campaigns to ongoing revenue programs to improve team productivity, revenue contribution and alignment with sales

The campaign has been a mainstay within marketing for decades. Yet anchoring your marketing presence to this “boom-and-burst “model is – for B2B companies – insufficient in several ways:

  1. It does not align with how B2B customers buy. B2B buyers show little seasonality, and buying can take weeks and months and include many stakeholders. Hence companies need a constant presence to capture the active demand.
  2. Too much energy goes into development and production, but these assets are often underutilized, and the budget left for activating and distributing the content is too small.
  3. Sales can not handle sudden peaks (and will not tolerate sudden dips) in lead volumes – which is often the case if all the resources are deployed within a short timeframe.
  4. Marketing campaigns are often focused on the “marketing funnel” and neglect to address the buyer’s later stages where sales are more involved.

These shortcomings of the campaign model call for a new approach: We call it full-funnel revenue programs.

In this webinar, we will unbox the concept and show some practical tools to apply in your job. The session is for the commercial executive responsible for understanding the changing B2B buying and interested in how marketing can get closer to revenue generation and improve the collaboration with sales.


8.00: Why you should run revenue programs instead of marketing campaigns.

8.15: How to design revenue programs.

8.40: Applied strategic tools to build revenue programs.

8.50: Q&A (end 9am)

The session will be led by Kvadrant Consulting Partner, Martin Mariussen



Target audience

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • VP of Marketing
  • Head of Marketing

Key take-aways

  • The common pitfalls of campaigns and why programs should replace them
  • How to build revenue programs
Mikkel Bach-Andersen

Mikkel Bach-Andersen


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