Live webinar: Wednesday, September 8th, 2021 (8.15-9.00 am CET)

From teams of sellers to teams that sell

How to grow sales effectiveness by creating sales teams with different roles & capabilities that collaborate to win

For decades the standard organizing principle for B2B sales teams has been one of “divide & conquer”. Teams of 4-8 salespeople with similar characteristics, working individually on their own sales areas or customer portfolios.

But as the game of effective selling has become a more complex one, the need for sales teams to develop specialist roles that collaborate to win is growing and so is the need for sales leaders to create teams that sell rather than teams of individual sellers.

  • Technology plays a bigger role in selling effectively
  • Ability to use data to guide actions plays a bigger role in selling effectively
  • Ability to engage with buyers on multiple channels the same

Rather than looking at the members of sales teams as individual “athletes” that need to be developed & managed for peak individual performance, sales leaders need to look at how the team as a working group is best developed & managed for peak team performance.

A football team with only strikers does not win. Those able to combine different specialist roles (goalie, defender, midfielder, striker, coach, etc.) and get them to collaborate do.

In this webinar, we will unbox new roles that B2B sales organizations are hiring and how leaders combine these to work as one team and to grow overall sales effectiveness  


8:15 Changing requirements for effective selling

8:25 New roles & ways of organizing to build effective team selling

8:35 How to get started

8:45 Q&A



Target audience

  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • VP Demand Generation
  • Chief Commercial Officers
  • VP Sales

Key take-aways

  • Understand new roles that B2B sales organizations are hiring 
  • Understand how leaders can combine new roles to work as one team
  • Understand how different roles in a team can  grow overall sales effectiveness
 Mikkel Bach-Andersen

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