2 day workshop facilitated by Thomas Børve (Linkedin), Head of Leadership & Change

  • The front line sales- and marketing managers are some of your most critical stakeholders to drive performance and development in the commercial organisation. They are your levers for enabling operational excellence in customer interactions and anchoring change initiative. However, most managers recieve little or no training at all, to master this unique role in the company.  
  • This workshop will help you understand the fundamental role of the B2B sales- and marketing manager and what this role means from an operational perspective
  • You will get help in translating these activities into the context of your own department and business, to tailor a unique set of management activities fit for your specific role and evironment
  • You will get the opportunity to practice critical management interactions with your peers and develop the plan to implement your new personal management model

The sales- and marketing manager role is not just any general managerial position. It requires a very specific set of activities, skills and tools. Leave your contact details to learn more. 

Thomas Børve (Linkedin), Head of Leadership & Change @ kvadrant
+4540410043 :
Niels Hemmingsens Gade 20B, 1153 KBH K
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