For your internal Commercial Development Consultants. 3 month development program with 4 x 2 day training sessions, covering commercial subject matter expertise elements combined with self-learning, homework and coaching in between the between modules.

Facilitated by Thomas Børve (Linkedin), Head of Leadership & Change

  • Increasingly, companies are hiring internal consultants to help drive commercial development. Commercial Excellence Managers, Sales Excellence Managers, Business Developers etc. Many of these come from a line-function or from a more generic consulting backround and often times not properly equipped to succeed in this role
  • While you will find hundreds of project management training courses, this 3 month development program is aimed at equipping your internal commercial excellence manager with the capabilities to design and drive any development program specifically within the commercial function
  • The program is focused on how to lead and manage complex commercial change initiatives across multiple geographies and/or divisions including a practical toolbox on how to design a change process with focus on engagement and involvement
  • Participants will aquire in-depth understanding of the best practices within different commercial disciplines such as value propostion design, segmentation, content marketing, sales process design, different sales methods and tools, sales management, sales coaching, commercial rhythm and governance 
  • Participants will recieve feedback and coaching on personal skills and capabilities
  • Participants will recieve conrete support on application of tools on a real-life initiative from own organisation

This program ensures that the people responsible for developing the commercial function in your organisation are fit for the job. Leave your contact details to learn more.

Thomas Børve (Linkedin), Head of Leadership & Change @ kvadrant
+4540410043 :
Niels Hemmingsens Gade 20B, 1153 KBH K
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