1 day workshop on how commercial leadership drives collaboration & coordination between sellers & marketers, to drive a more impactful customer buying experience

Facilitated by Thomas Børve (Linkedin), Head of Leadership & Change Practice

  • Leaders of Marketing -and Sales organisations in B2B, who promote and enable collaboration and coordination between their two departments, enjoy 20% higher annual growth rates than the average organisation. But how do you do it in practice?
  • This 1 day workshop is for your company’s top Marketing -and Sales leadership, to get a better understanding of how tighter operational integration between the two departments can lead to great results and which concrete activities to start today.
  • The workshop will focus on creating shared knowledge of what needs to be place and establish a solid plan for how to get there
  • Content is centered around shared Goals and Key Performance Indicators, Interfaces and Service Level Agreements, Processes, Governance, Cadence and last but not least the conversations that needs to take place

Understand what needs to be in place to create a more integrated sales and marketing organisation and how to get there. Leave your contact details to learn more

Thomas Børve (Linkedin), Partner

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