Live webinar, Wednesday April 13th, 2022 (8.15-9.00am CET)

Maximize your win-rate

Stop wasting precious time and resources on the wrong opportunities

We have all tried it. Loading our sales-pipeline with below par opportunities in an attempt to boost a pipeline that is more dry than the Sahara-dessert.

The obvious reason for this behavior is, that sales reps and leaders are often measured on outdated metrics such as number of opportunities and pipeline value.

This produces a downward spiral, where a lot of time and resources are wasted on opportunities that should have never been in our pipeline in the first place – turning our focus away from the truly meaningful opportunities.

In this webinar, you will learn how to measure sales performance appropriately and drive the right behavior in your sales department. In return, you will expectedly experience an increase in revenue, use the same amount or fewer resources than before, and be able to make the tough choices on when to pass on clients and opportunities.


8.15: Understanding the difference between “Win-rate”, “Pipeline Conversion Rate” and “Sales Velocity”

8.25: Segment your clients

8.30: Prioritize your opportunities

8.40: Engage with the right stakeholders

8.45: Q&A (end 9am)

The session will be led by Kvadrant Consulting Partner, Claus Ipsen 


Target audience

  • CEOs
  • CCOs
  • Sales Directors
  • Sales Managers

Key take-aways

  • Measure the correct KPIs
  • Choose the right clients
  • Know which opportunities to prioritize

Claus Ipsen


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