Our team

Our B2B sales & marketing specialists are experienced within change and transformation on both individual and organisational level and know how to develop solutions that work and stick.

Thomas Børve-Jørgensen

Managing Partner

Mail: tbj@kvadrant.dk
Tel: (+45) 40 41 00 43

 Thomas is a Managing Partner at Kvadrant Consulting and has +15 years of experience as a management consultant. Thomas helps commercial leaders accelerate performance in their commercial organisation. He specializes in high complexity B2B sales and marketing and has led numerous global commercial transformation projects.

Prior to establishing Kvadrant Consulting, Thomas headed the B2B Sales Excellence practice spanning 4 countries and 25 consultants as Senior Partner with Implement Consulting Group. Thomas holds a masters degree in International Business from Copenhagen Business School.

Martin Nyvang Mariussen


Mail: mnm@kvadrant.dk
Tel: (+45) 40 41 28 85

10 years as management consultant to commercial B2B leaders with special focus on commercial strategy, global salesforce development, marketing organization and building inside sales functions.

Martin holds an MBA from ESADE Business School and spent 7 years working with Commercial Excellence at a top-tier management consultancy prior to joining Kvadrant Consulting, working predominantly with logistics, industrial manufacturing, construction and professional services industries.

Mikkel Bach-Andersen


Mail: mba@kvadrant.dk 
Tel: (+45) 40 41 13 31 


Brian Andersen


Mail: bea@kvadrant.dk
Tel: (+45) 24663584

Claus Ipsen


Mail: cip@kvadrant.dk
Tel: (+45) 53 50 43 51


Nønne Jørgensen

Head of Finance

Mail: nbj@kvadrant.dk

Tel: (+45) 25 34 00 35

Oliver Lund Storgaard

Senior Management Consultant

Mail: ols@kvadrant.dk
Tel: (+45) 40410460

Charlotte Ramsby

Senior Management Consultant

Mail: cra@kvadrant.dk
Tel: (+45) 20 86 32 98

Karl Kjellerup Barfoed

Senior Management Consultant

Mail: kkb@kvadrant.dk
Tel: (+45) 40 41 07 09

Liza Dava

Management Consultant

Mail: lda@kvadrant.dk
Tel: (+45) 50 25 86 52

Philip Wijgergangs

Business Analyst

Mail: pwi@kvadrant.dk
Tel: (+45) 60 15 94 00

Jeppe Andersen

Business Analyst

Mail: jan@kvadrant.dk
Tel: (+45) 21 79 45 21

Josephine Bagge

Business Analyst 

Mail: jba@kvadrant.dk
Tel: (+45) 40 41 07 09

Josephine works as a Business Analyst at Kvadrant Consulting while completing her MSc. in Strategy, Organisation, and Leadership from Copenhagen Business School. Prior to joining Kvadrant Consulting, she worked as Junior Consultant at Core & Company, specializing in open innovation and business agility.

Josephine is a skilled project manager and problem solver obtained from various positions in the industry.

Josephine’s academic experience supports her strategic and analytical capabilities.

Bredgade 20 1st floor
1260 Copenhagen


Tel +45 40 41 00 43
CVR: 39598736
Mail: info@kvadrant.dk