Live webinar: Tuesday, February 23rd, 2023 (8.15-9.00 am CET)

Making marketing materials that work for sales

Best practices for how to develop content, tools and resources that drives sales activation 

Marketing teams often find themselves frustrated that there’s a disconnect between their product campaigns – i.e. their awareness and demand-generating efforts – and how Sales follow through to convert demand into business and vice versa.

One of the main reasons for this frustration relates to the content and support that is delivered by Marketing to make that campaign or product launch a success. Not because content or support is not offered. On the contrary, marketing teams often spend a lot of time developing creative presentations, beautiful slides and resonating taglines to support their activation efforts.

While these materials may support the overarching go-to-market strategy and succeed in stimulating market demand, for a sales rep, the most important thing to understand is where the new product fits in the marketplace – compared to existing and competing offerings; how it solves buyers’ common challenges, and – perhaps most importantly – what types of conversations will resonate most.

In this webinar, we will explore best practices for how to develop content, tools and resources that drives sales activation to support revenue growth.


8:15   Bridging the gap between marketing and sales by better understanding frontline needs

8:25  Tools, resources and materials to support sales activation

8:35  Common pitfalls to avoid during development of sales enablement content

8:45  Open Q&A and discussion


Target audience

  • VP of marketing/sales
  • Commercial Excellence leads
  • Heads of Activation and launches etc
Charlotte Ramsby

Charlotte Ramsby

Senior Management Consultant

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