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In a world of digitally enabled buyers, the need for traditional B2B sales reps is diminishing. Sales people need to be qualified at getting in early, challenge in the right way and prove business value. We can help: 

Design the underlying sales process needed to perform the type of selling you need in your industry

Install a sales simple yet effective sales methodology focused on creating customer value in every interaction

Develop sales force capabilites that use thought leadership and micro-marketeering to get attention from the right leads


Driving up win-rates requires sales managers to interact frequently with sales reps and focus a lot of these interactions on different types of sales coaching. We can help:  

Develop top sales coaches that makes the difference between a lost and a won deal

Strike the right balance between performance management and sales coaching

Develop deal strategizing, pipeline- and skill coaching capabilities

Design a change process that will make new capabilites stick


Revenue growth is often stagnating because sales managers have not been adequately introduced to the discipline of sales management. We can help:

Identify the minimum standards to hold your organisation accountable to

Set rhythm for different interactions between sales manager and sales rep

Design a solid framework for the sales organsation to operate within

Develop sales management capabilities

B2B buyers don’t act like they used to and neither should your sales organisation. Are your sales organisation fit to meet new demands?


The Death of the (Average) Salesman

While “consultative selling” has been a hot topic for decades now, the truth of the story is that very few organisations have really needed it and even less ever gotten around to really practice it. Between most B2B organisations, the majority of buying and selling...

The New B2B Growth Playbook

For many years, the typical medicine for declining revenue growth in B2B organisations was quite simple; improve salesforce capabilities through training, enablement, and coaching to grow sales. But with average sales rep performance on a 5-year decline, despite an...

5 Reasons Commercial Executives are Doubling Down on Inside Sales

 In our work helping sales organisations improve performance, we’ve witnessed an interesting development over the past decade; Field-sellers are finding it increasingly difficult to get meetings and face-to-face time with buyers. Traditional sales training vendors...

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30% of sales reps characterised as “order-takers” or “explainers” will be gone by 2020, as buyers move to digital channels to educate themselves and complete their buying process. What is the role of sales in the new buying environment and what does it take?



The world is changing fast and for few is this more true than the B2B sales rep. Over the past 10 years, the number of digital tools at their disposal have increased from a few hundred to thousands. What are the essential ones to be an effective rep today?



The average number of stakeholders in the B2B buying process is up 75% since 2009 (now 6.8) and the old way of getting buy in one-by-one is not working. Succesful sales is all about managing complex meetings and decision making processes

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