Live webinar, Wednesday February 9th, 2022 (8.15-9.00am CET)

The C-suite guide to a marketing transformation

Turning marketing into a revenue generating and strategic powerhouse requires looking at both the purpose, organizational structure, strategy and operating model of marketing.

Driven by changing customer buying behavior and new technologies, the marketing functions is primed to increase business impact and strategic importance. That being said many CEOs and boards are unaware of what modern BtB marketing entails and how to transform the marketing function to realize its potential.

In this webinar, we will cover the essential components of this transformation and provide some pointers on how to drive it.


8.15: The four cornerstones of a marketing transformation

8.30: How to drive the transformation

8.40: Key pointers to on how to maximize the chances of succeeding with the transformation

8.45: Q&A (end 9am)

The session will be led by Kvadrant Consulting Partner, Mikkel Bach-Andersen


Target audience

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • C-suite
  • Board members

Key take-aways

  • Be inspired on how to elevate your marketing function to become more strategic and a revenue driver
  • Understand the four cornerstones of marketing transformation
  • Learn how to drive the transformation
Mikkel Bach-Andersen

Mikkel Bach-Andersen


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