Live webinar, Wednesday March 23rd, 2022 (8.15-9.00am CET)

Sales plays – The future of action-oriented sales enablement

How to grow sales efficiency and effectiveness by creating sales plays designed for high-impact sales interactions

For decades, the standard approach to B2B sales enablement has been centered around providing broad, generalized training and sales collateral.

This approach is great for refreshing fundamental sales theory every two years and for salespeople with broad segment and portfolio responsibilities.

However, for salespeople to translate this conceptual approach and content into a concrete set of actions in specific situations – especially if they are dealing with a new product, new segment, or stakeholder group – has shown to be difficult.

Training salespeople in using sales plays offers an alternative approach. Fueled by data and supported by sales assets, sales plays are precooked recipes designed for specific high-impact interactions – not abstract ones.

Sales plays reduce complexity and empower salespeople to achieve fast results in specific situations – such as a new product launch.

In this webinar, we will explore how leading B2B companies are using sales plays to enable their salesforce to win select high-impact sales interactions and generate outstanding commercial results.


8.15: Where for action-oriented sales enablement beats conceptual

8.30: How to identify and prioritize which sales plays to create and run

8.40: Embedding sales plays directly into CRM

8.45: Q&A (end 9am)

The session will be led by Kvadrant Senior Management Consultant, Oliver Lund Storgaard 


Target audience

  • Heads of Sales
  • Heads of Sales Excellence
  • Sales Directors
  • Sales Managers

Key take-aways

  • How to identify and prioritize the sales interactions sales plays can create impact
  • A model for how you can create sales plays and integrate them in your sales organization (and CRM!)
  • The top 3 pitfalls in creating and implementing sales plays
Oliver Lund Storgaard

Oliver Lund Storgaard

Senior Management Consultant

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