Consultative sales skills for B2B professionals and teams


6 modules over 12 weeks: e-learning, virtual training & 1-1 coaching

Time requirements/month

2,5 hours – 1 for virtual training, 30 min for 1:1 coaching,  30 min for e-learning/self-study, 30 min for homework


€2,795 / seat  (20,950DKK), excl. VAT
NEXT START: November 2021


“B2B buyers are increasingly in need of support and guidance during more complex purchases as product complexity is increasing, and the wealth of information available is abundant.”

Michael Snerling

The fact that the program focuses on creating real behavioral change and is fully digital and scalable has been a key differentiator in our leadership team’s selection process. Kvadrant Consulting has delivered, and I can highly recommend the program if you need to upskill your sales team.”

Lars Frederiksen
Sales Manager, RelyOn Nutec

Our Scandinavian sales team have completed the digital sales program “The New Consultative Seller”. The sessions have been engaging and contextual and has equipped our sales team with best practice and the consultative capabilities needed to ensure sustained results. The program is scalable and has been highly relevant to us. I have no hesitation recommending the virtual sales training program.”

Michael Bladt
CEO, HASLE Refractories

“The New Consultative Seller” has effectively built the most important sales capabilities needed to support our growth ambitions. The training has helped us build a common commercial language and supporting skills anchored in a deep understanding of the buyer journey. I can highly recommend the program to anyone looking to upskill their sales organization within key skills necessary to win as a B2B commercial organization.”

Maximize development impact and lower cost, through bite-sized and 100% digital and virtual sales development program

Module 1 (week 1-2)

Value-Based Selling

Create more sales conversations, win more deals and command price premium by leading customer engagement with value

Module 2 (week 3-4)

Social Selling

Take advantage of new digital platforms for customer engagement, to prospect more effectively and strengthen your professional network

Module 3 (week 5-6)

Virtual Selling

Improve your ability to resonate and create traction with prospects and customers through effective and efficient virtual interactions

Module 4 (week 7-8)

Proposal Writing

Learn to write engaging and effective proposals balancing content and structure to improve proposal win-rates and ability to justify buyer investment

Module 5 (week 9-10)

Negotiation Tactics

Capture value and create win-win situations through structured negotiation planning and execution

Module 6 (week 11-12)

Account Management

Learn to manage and grow accounts to maximize value through a proactive approach to account management and a trusted advisor role


  • Shared sales methodology and capability to ensure not only a consistent buyer experience, but also a shared worldview for your commercial team

  • Ability to convert business strategy & priorities into winning sales initiatives face-to-face and virtually

  • Ability to navigate complex buying processes and multi-stakeholder committees

  • Ability to effectively gather the right information required to develop & execute successful sales dialogues with insights and value to quantify the case for buying

  • Ability to develop customer relationships for mutually beneficial value maximation & customer retention

Why you need consultative sellers

A new way to develop your sales team

100% digital & virtual training with personal 1:1 subject-matter expert led coaching

E-learning, quiz & pre-study
Jonas Lassen

Videos, pre-read and tests through the course platform to prepare for virtual training sessions

Instructor led virtual training
Jonas Lassen

Instructor led 2-hour virtual training sessions in small teams of 8-10 people, through mix of teaching & exercises

Homework, tools & tasks
Jonas Lassen

Putting tools to practice on customers after each session to embed learning into daily operations

1:1 coaching sessions
Jonas Lassen

Personal guidance through virtual 1:1 calls between sessions to discuss barriers to overcome and actions to do so

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Your program convenors

Thomas Børve-Jørgensen

Thomas Børve-Jørgensen

Managing Partner

+45 40410043

Henrik Seeberg

Henrik Seeberg

Senior Management Consultant

+45 40412065

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