Live webinar, Wednesday May 5th, 2021 (8-9am CET)

The New Consultative Seller

The new B2B buying environment and the implications for the sales operating model

Sales organisations will need to find their feet in a new normal shaped by the ongoing shift in buying behaviour, greatly accelerated by COVID-19.

The days where salespeople were a gateway to scarce information are long gone. Trust and authority have to be earned and should not be taken for granted, as digitalization has democratized information and empowered buyers to take control of their buying journey. 

Yet, at the same time many buyers are paralyzed by the many choices available and struggle to reconcile the conflicting information available.

Studies show that the gap between high performing and low performing sellers are widening while more sellers than ever fail to meet their quota. This development will only accelerate as technology will find ways to further replace transactional sellers.

To stay relevant, commercial leaders need to rethink key elements of the way they approach sales:

  1. How do we organize most effectively in a world where domain expertise is king?
  2. Which capabilities do we need to build that matches a new typer of buyer?
  3. What do we need from sales leadership?
  4. How do we ensure that technology enables customer interactions?
  5. What should we expect from marketing?

In this 1-hour webinar we will cover what B2B sales leaders need to consider when meeting the changing B2B buying landscape.


8.00: The changing B2B buying landscape

8.15: Implications for sales and marketing

8.30: Transformation requirements and considerations

8.50: Ideas for practical next steps

The session will be led by Thomas Børve-Jørgensen


Target audience

  • VP of Sales
  • Head of Sales

Key take-aways

  • The polarizing buyer landscape influences the salesforce operating model
  • The salesforce transformation needs to consider both capabilities, processes and technology