Building Measurability into Your Commercial Development Initiatives

5th of June 2024 at 10-11 AM 


About the webinar

Get inspiration and specific pointers on how to succeed with measuring the impact of sales and commercial excellence initiatives and discover a framework for long- and short-term impact measuring

Optimizing the commercial operation is a continuous game of tweaking, testing and evaluating the commercial engine. Still, many sales and ComEx leaders struggle to justify their development initiatives, and are often challenged to quantify the results. There lies an intrinsic difficulty in measuring something that is materializing over time – and even more so, when sales cycles are long. So, how do we go about measuring the impact of our initiatives?

At this webinar we will discuss how sales leaders:

  • Adress the challenges of “measurement”
  • Think measurability into their initiatives – already when designing their programs.
  • Set up a measurement framework that balances long- and short-term impact.
  • Make sure that measurement does not become an academic exercise but is rooted in pragmatism.

At this 1-hour webinar we will cover how to start working with impact measurement as a part of commercial initiatives, giving sales leaders the insights to evaluate and prioritize their efforts.


10.00-10.15:   The challenge of measurement

10.15-10.40:    The impact measurement framework

10.40-10.50:    Requirements for measurement and considerations for implementation

10.50-11.00:    How to get started and next step


Sixten Schultz
Sixten Schultz

Kvadrant Consulting

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