Marketing Operating Model: How to design a next generation engine for growth and productivity

23rd of January 2024 at 10-11 AM 


About the webinar

How to design and build your engine for growth, collaboration, and productivity 

Few other functions interact so frequently and broadly with the rest of the organization as marketing does.  

At the same time as marketing is digitizing, marketers need to adopt new tools, channels, and ways of working that are very different from just 10 years ago.  

And despite these new requirements, many marketing organizations still rely on an “engine” built for another era.  

The role of a Marketing Operating Model is to connect strategy with execution by ensuring that the right work gets done through the right people, processes, and technology. 


  1. Unpack the building blocks of a next generation Marketing Operating Model (MoM) 
  2. Share Why you need a MoM, and how to get there
  3. Explore pitfalls, considerations and recommendations related to designing a Marketing Operating Model 
Mikkel Bach-Andersen
Mikkel Bach-Andersen

Kvadrant Consulting

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