Segmentation & Targeting for Commercial Leaders in B2B Companies

28th of May 2024 at 10-11 AM 


About the webinar

How to develop a segmentation model that is adopted by the organization and drive bottom-line impact

Segmentation and targeting can make or break the performance of any commercial organization. Yet despite the importance of the discipline, segmentation exercises often lead to… nothing.

This happens as the outputs often are difficult to act on for commercial operators and lack meaning for the business.

In this webinar we revitalize segmentation for commercial teams in B2B companies and outlines how to design and implement segmentation models that yield results and is actionable for the organization.


  1. Why many segmentation exercises fail to deliver results.
  2. The different types of segmentation that commercial leaders should master.
  3. How to run a segmentation exercise that leads to changing behavior and better commercial outcomes
  4. How to operationalize and revitalize a segmentation model once it is put into the wild
   Mikkel Bach-Andersen
Mikkel Bach-Andersen

Senior Partner
Kvadrant Consulting

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