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Changing buying behaviour demands a new sales & marketing approach. Customer centric, collaborative, integrated, data-driven and tech-enabled.

The CEO message to Commercial Leadership when the downturn hits

After the longest economic expansion in recent history, business leaders are now faced with some initial indications that the economic tides might be turning. The experienced leader will have seen it before and know that a potential recession like those before will...

Why the Time is Right for Most B2B Companies to Introduce a Chief Revenue Officer

The role of Chief Revenue Officer is widely adopted in SaaS companies, whereas more traditional industries have not followed suit. Instead, they often either: Operate Marketing & Sales as two disconnected islands without any coordination or integration Place...

How To Sell Through Customer Success

As B2B companies shift their focus from big complex enterprise sales towards a simplified offering centred around a "land & expand" sales model, the team responsible for customer development (often called Customer Success) becomes a critical engine for growth. If...

How to Build a Content Factory

Insightful and creative content is critical for organisations to turn their marketing function into a strategic asset. Nevertheless, for many organisations the content creation process is lengthy, full of friction and cumbersome. Too often, this happens as many...

How to Organise your B2B Marketing Function for Maximal Business Impact

Deciding on your organisational blueprint is one of the major enablers or disablers of Marketing effectiveness and efficiency. Yet, too often this topic is not addressed strategically, or things are done like they have always been done, even though the world has moved...

The CMO´s Guide to Marketing Measurement

Measurement is, in general, a critical aspect of any organization today, and marketing is no exception. Digital marketing provides endless opportunities to track different activities, but in this ocean of potential measurement points, we often see companies ending up...

How to Build an Inside Sales Organisation in 10 Weeks

There is much talk in the corporate about agile development, rapid prototyping and experimentation. At Vattenfall we decided to put these topics to the test by challenging ourselves to build a new commercial function (in this case an Inside Sales function) in just 10...

The New B2B Growth Playbook

For many years, the typical medicine for declining revenue growth in B2B organisations was quite simple; improve salesforce capabilities through training, enablement, and coaching to grow sales. But with average sales rep performance on a 5-year decline, despite an...

How marketing leaders can reclaim their seat in the C-suite and ignite growth

The new playbook for commercial organizations is tearing down Siloes between Marketing, Sales & Customer SuccessAs Technology has changed how customers behave and how companies can respond to this behaviour, there is now a need to create better alignment across...


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Selected Clients & Cases

“Over the course of 6 months, Kvadrant has helped os develop and implement our commercial strategy from which we are now seeing tangible business results”

Kathrine Bach

Chief Executive Officer, Anthill Agency

“Kvadrant did an excellent job managing & supporting the implementation of a new sales methodology across Europe at Wavin. The team was very personable and professional”

Bo Vestergaard

Commercial Excellence Director, Wavin

“Kvadrant has helped us restructure our digital marketing activities with the contagious enthusiasm and professional commitment of Thomas & Martin”

Kristian Eiberg

Managing Director, RelationsPeople

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Kvadrant Consulting is a B2B Sales and Marketing specialized consultancy, focused on helping commercial leaders  transform their organisation to take advantage of opportunities for growth and efficiency improvement.

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  • Marketing Process & planning
  • Content & Inbound Marketing Engine
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  • Sales strategy & organisation
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