Lead Engine Development

Design and implement a scalable engine for lead generation, qualification and conversion across marketing & sales teams.

Take your lead engine development to a new level

If there’s one thing most B2B sales and marketing leaders can agree on, it’s that lead generation is a good idea.

Most sales leaders want quality leads to follow up on, and most marketing leaders want to contribute to revenue growth and measurable impact on new customers. So why is it so difficult to get right?

Most commercial organisations struggle to get the right sales & marketing collaboration in place to truly build scalable lead engines. It simply requires a different approach than normal marketing initiatives and campaigns.

We understand that lead generatio nis more than a landing page and a media buy. It's only successful if it's a joint sales & marketing process across generating, qualifying, and selling to leads. In fact, we litterally wrote a book on this.

How to develop a lead engine

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What we do

We build lead engines in close collaboration with our customers, by connecting sales & marketing teams on the activities that matter. We are not a media or creative agency but focus on the things that truly matter in complex B2B organisations.

  • Strategy & organisation
    Setting the right strategic context, business case, direction and ensuring ownership across sales & marketing. 
  • Lead engine tech stack
    Ensuring meaningful technology stack to support the entire lead process, from generation to sale. 
  • Lead generation
    Generate the right balance between lead quantity & quality. 
  • Lead qualification
    Ensuring process excellence and ownership where leads typically get lost; in the qualification phase. 
  • Lead conversion
    Selling to leads through effective sales processes, sales plays, scripts and sequences. 
  • Measurement and analysis
    Ensuring a full-funnel impact perspective from lead to revenue. 
  • Implementing pilots 
    Testing potential, exploring solutions and getting to a stage of excellence before we scale. 

Case in point

A US-based organisation that sells to both businesses and public buyers needed to make a shift from awareness-only marketing to more impactful lower-funnel lead generation. 

Based on sales data & market sizing, they had a massive potential in the market by reaching new accounts in a scalabe way. How would they capture this opportunity practically through more revenue-oriented marketing and sales collaboration? 

In close collaboration with the marketing team, Kvadrant did an analysis of current marketing efforts in the US. After an initial round on strategy & sales process, Kvadrant executed lead & demand pilot in close collaboration with local sellers.

On a $20.000 pilot investment, the client generated over $500.000 in fresh pipeline, leading to scaling it significantly in 2023 and generating over $3m in the first four months of 2023, a ~4x increase from the year before.

Download the book
The Sales & Marketing
Lead Engine

Going beyond ads and tactics to build a true commercial growth machine.

Acquiring new customers through lead generation is a core priority in most B2B teams. Sellers always want more and better leads. Marketers are excited to get them and have a measurable impact… so why does it go wrong so often, and what can we do to fix it?

In this 200+ page book, we offer a practical guide and framework to overcoming these challenges, backed up by 10 real-world cases from companies like NNIT, Jabra, Templafy, SAS and more.