Sales Operation Model

Activate leadership and new technology to enable higher sales efficiency & effectiveness with closer sales & marketing collaboration.

Take your sales operating model to a new level

Sales growth comes from more than the individual efforts of each sales professional in the salesforce. Maximize efficiency and effectiveness of the entire sales organisation, by activating leadership and technology in the right way to drive commercial results through enablement of frontline salespeople.

We help commercial leaders through the strategy process from research to decision-making and activation.

What we do

We help sales organizations get more value out of their sales organization and selling activities by creating the right support from sales managers and new sales enablement technology.

The Sales Operating Model:

Interactions between sales managers and their sales team members set to a fixed frequency (The Sales Management Rhythm) to drive pipeline achievement, deal progress, and skills development (pipeline coaching, deal coaching & skills coaching)

Sales enablement:

Equipping the sales organization with new sales enablement technology to increase salesforce efficiency & effectiveness and strengthen sales & marketing collaboration

Regardless of whether it is enablement through leadership or technology, the result is a specific solution that realizes identified opportunities for value creation by helping front-line salespeople succeed through higher sales efficiency and/or effectiveness

How we work

The process from value potential identification to solution implementation typically follows five steps, with projects running in 2-6 months, depending on the complexity of the challenge and the scope of the solution.

Identify opportunities

Identify sales enablement opportunities for value creation and verify with data (where can we help sales save time on low-value activities? Where can we help sales conduct selling activities with higher effectiveness?)

Design solution

Design solution, map development requirements, and create a business case (investment vs. expected outcome).

Testing & Feedback

Create Minimum Viable Solution to test impact case on collect feedback for improvement on a pilot group.

Finalize solution

Finalize working solution, coordinate global roll-out and next steps for further development

Global roll-out

Global sales force roll-out and agreement on ongoing responsibility for continuous improvement and maintenance of solution implemented.

"How might we help front-line salespeople improve efficiency"?

Sales Operating Model & Enablement projects revolve around the central question of “How might we help front-line salespeople improve efficiency (do more of the activities that drive the most value creation) and effectiveness (conduct high-value activities in the right way)?“

Sometimes, we do this through leadership activation, sometimes through technology, and sometimes through activation of other related functions (e.g., marketing). Sometimes all three.

Case in point

A global shipping company and integrated logistics provider found their sales reps spending 20% of their time looking for relevant content and sales collateral to use in interactions with existing and potential customers. Marketing estimated that sales never used 70% of the content and sales collateral produced.

The head of global marketing strategy needed a way for sellers to easily find relevant sales collateral for different customer interaction types. Marketing needed a way to more effectively push the right content, to the right sellers, at the right times. All this at a global scale with regional and industrial variances.

Over six months, the company partnered with Kvadrant Consulting to define the right strategy and approach for systematically managing the high complexity of creating & deploying a global solution with needs for regional and vertical tailoring and conduct roll-out and development in short, focused 8-week sprints to learn while implementing.

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