The Campfire Launch

This 160-page publication reveals why half of B2B product launches fail and how to fix them. The Campfire Launch is a must-read for marketing and sales leaders and commercial professionals.

The Campfire Launch: Is B2B launching really like a coin-flip?

Launching new products in B2B is important – but also really hard. True commercial success is rare, and our findings point to 50% of B2B product launches delivering below expectations. Incredibly, the thing we spend the most time and money on is no more likely to succeed than a coin-flip.

With this publication, we aim to rectify that:

  • We will dive into the common problems plaguing B2B product launches, backed by first-party data from decision-makers, and un- fold a new perspective on getting B2B product launches right.
  • We will map a journey all the way from product making to driving quicker sales results in the market.
  • We will introduce an entirely new paradigm to product launches “the campfire approach” that stands in opposition to the boom-and-burst model that is often deployed and often deliver lacklustre results.
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The Campfire Launch

About the book

"Commercial leaders could improve product launch outcomes by adapting to a new model when launching complex B2B products: the campfire way. In fall of 2022, we surveyed 200+ B2B commercial leaders in marketing, sales & product, which showed that critical product launches in B2B are just as likely to fail as they are to succeed. That's 1 in 2 failing. Why? Because even in complex B2B, we're still launching products in a similar manner to how the next iPhone or Hollywood blockbuster is released."
Charlotte Ramsby
Charlotte Ramsby
Co-Author & Director