Positioning & value propositions

Stand out by zooming in. Develop compelling value propositions to unlock growth and stand out from competition.

An actual and un-biased assessment with bottom-line impact

For most BtB and health care companies defining the company narrative, differentiating from low-price alternatives and clearly communicating value to justify a price premium are imperative to financial success. What’s more they all agendas that the CMO is well positioned to drive. 

Developing a differentiated positioning and appealing value propositions require deep customer understanding and a sense of the differentiating capabilities of your company or solution. 

Crafting compelling value propositions isn't just about showcasing features. It's about understanding your client's needs so deeply that your solution becomes the answer they've been searching for.

What we do

Kvadrant Consulting is an ideal partner as we combine in-depth marketing understanding with a rare un-biased view; we don’t rely on selling you technology, media or agency services after the assessment. We often help with:


We help companies assess customer needs, competitor strengths, and your company’s unique capabilities. We use those insights to develop a crisp and differentiating positioning that is ready for activation. 

Marketing & sales activation

We bring a new positioning or proposition all they way from concept to messaging and often on the design and execution of the training and assets needed to bring the positioning to live. 

Value proposition

We help customers understand, articulate and quantify the differentiated value that a new solution or products brings about. 

How we work with segmentation and value propositions

  1. Understand: Desk research & interviews to get an understranding of the company, distribution channels, customers, and competitors.
  2. Develop positions: Create positioning directions based on the 3C framework, which considers and balances the customer relevance, uniqueness from competitors, and believability from client.
  3. Test positions: Test developed positioning directions internally and externally to enrich and refine positioning direction. 
  4. Finalization: Finalize positioning direction and expanded messaging framework incl. value proposition.
  5. Detailing of messaging: Enrich and detail the messaging to ensure that it is clear, concise, and effective. 
  6. Hand-over and anchoring: Handover brief to media & creative partners and anchor storylines with storylines and scenario cases with sales. 
Case in point

A global leader within master data management software was in the process of repositioning the brand to cater better to the needs of business decision-makers, rather than the technical target group, which the company had served historically.

In over six months, the company partnered with Kvadrant Consulting to better understand customer needs, current market perception of the company, and draw positioning directions for the brand going forward.

These routes were tested among customers, employees, and partners alike for uniqueness, relevance, and believability. Based on these insights, we devised a new value proposition framework and developed industry-specific storylines.

We revamped sales collateral to reflect the new expanded and outcome-focused brand story and trained the customer-facing personnel to use them when engaging with customers.