Deal Acceleration

Create a deal win plan and orchestrate the deal team around a coordinated set of actions to increase deal win-rates, order size, and velocity.

Take your deal acceleration to a whole new level

In an increasing competitive marketplace where customers are more empowered and decision making more distributed, deal orchestration across sales & marketing is increasingly important. Further on – for some companies – winning a few, selected mega deals can make or break the year. We help customer accelerate and win these high value deals.


We help commercial leaders through the strategy process from research to decision-making and activation.

What we do

At Kvadrant Consulting, how we engage with deal and bid teams varies depending on the capabilities and capacity of the deal team. Usually our engagements include one or more of the following components:

  • Detailed mapping of customer decision makers, including their pains and pain drivers
  • Weekly coaching of deal team on how to move the deal forward and get access to the power sponsor
  • Program management of the deal, including including managing messaging, people, content and progression tracking
  • Support on creation of proposals and presentations as well as development of business cases and other calculations

We help commercial leaders through the strategy process from research to decision-making and activation.

How we work

We help deal and bid teams on strategic and operational topics. While engagements can take many forms, a typical process looks like this.


We assess the deal portfolio and identify the deals requiring outside help to drive them forward and increase the probability to win.


We help companies set the deal team and outline the deal strategy, map the customer’s buying process, define deal stages, internal milestones and barriers to move the deal forward.


We provide ongoing operational support to the deal team on messaging, presentation & proposal writing, meeting facilitation and coaching.


We measure deal progression and report on key objectives and metrics

Case in point

The pharma division of a global packaging manufacturer had a high value sales opportunity that was stalling. The company hired Kvadrant Consulting to help the accelerate the deal. We sat down with the deal team and:

  • Defined our deal strategy, approach, and key messaging
  • Mapped the actions that we could take to progress the deal
  • Coached the deal team on how to engage the customer and get access to the power sponsor

Based on this outset we identified a “value discovery workshop” as a crucial next step for the deal. Through this workshop, our client could explore the potential value of choosing their solutions versus the current one. We supported the client on development of outreach messages, workshop agenda, the draft business case and follow up procedures.

The workshop went very well and opened the customer’s eyes to the potential value of adopting our client’s solution. The outcome of the workshop was a co-developed business case which we used as a backbone in a wider co-developed pitch presentation. This presentation was later used to engage the group of senior stakeholders within our client’s customer’s organization that also needed to be convinced.

As of now, the opportunities has progressed significantly and the project has now entered the final stages of scientific validation and detailing of the internal business case that needs approval by the investment committee. Our client has estimated the deal to be of several million dollars in value.

Further on, the project has already spawned another opportunity, as our client’s customer is looking for packaging partners for an important product launch in 2025. A project which our client is now invited to be part of.