At Kvadrant Consulting, we do work across the entire commercial plate in B2B – from broader digital & commercial transformation projects, to specific implementation of programs.

Areas of expertise

What we do for our clients

Understand your outset, make the right choices and outline the coherent set of actions to boost profitable, organic growth.

Take advantage of new paths to purchase; eCommerce and digital marketplaces are taking an increasing share of sales.

Tailored commercial due diligence services acknowledge the distinctiveness of each acquisition. 

Build high performing commercial teams and organizations, fit for the new B2B buying environment and market conditions.

A fresh take on higher success rates and faster time to market with new products and solutions in a complex buying environment.

Understand your outset, make the right choices and outline the coherent set of actions to drive key deals forward.

Build a team of inside sellers working with sales & marketing around leads & deals and customer success through digital channels.

In today’s data-driven business landscape, sales success hinges on having access to the right insights at the right time.

Activate leadership and new technology to enable sales efficiency & effectiveness with closer sales & marketing collaboration.

Increase sales efficiency & effectiveness with the right organizational design to drive growth.

In the world of sales, it’s not just about having the all the tools and technologies at your disposal – it’s about having the right tools, for the right tasks.

Unlock your sales team’s potential with effective sales management.

Sales is a field of constant evolution. Keep in front of the pack, and constantly update your seller’s skills. 

Changes in external buyer behavior and internal goals drive the need for marketing transformation in many B2B companies.

A strong, specific and insights-driven marketing strategy is built on a solid understanding of the market.

Is your marketing working? What parts are worth holding on to, and which should change? These fundamental questions are answered with a marketing assessment.

Marketing departments often have both a competency-gap as well as different views on what marketing actually is. Training can help address both.

Design and implement a scalable engine for lead generation, qualification and conversion across marketing & sales teams.

Help your buyers complete their jobs-to-be done and help sellers sell.

Stand out by zooming in. Develop compelling value propositions to unlock growth and stand out from competition.

Transform your B2B marketing mix to be as digital as your customers already are.

Generate the insights and define the brand platform that help you stand out from competition and increase your relevance.