Want to join us at Kvadrant Consulting? We are growing and rapidly onboarding new clients.

Our ambition

We love the B2B marketing & sales profession; helping people solve their problems through the purchase of a service or solution. But we think too few marketing & sales organisations clearly appreciate how difficult it is for the B2B buyers to buy today.

I can name a plethora of reasons why Kvadrant Consulting is a great place to work, but I’ll limit myself to one. It’s a flexible working environment. As long as we deliver as a team, it does not matter when or where we work. With that being said, I love the office’s atmosphere, so I tend to stick around more at the office, than at home.
Hannibal Herforth

Working at Kvadrant

At Kvadrant, you will be part of a young and energetic work environment with a strong unity. We are small and nimble team where everyone knows everyone and you get room to be exactly who you are.

Current job opportunities

We are growing and rapidly onboarding new clients to the Kvadrant tribe. Can you help them realize the full potential of their commercial organization? 

Business Analyst (Student position)
Management Consultant Position