The Marketing Machine

A 90 paged step-by-step guide for commercial executives in B2B companies on how to turn their marketing function into a revenue-generating powerhouse.

The Marketing Machine is the ultimate guide to B2B marketing​​

As technology has changed how customers buy, marketing
is uniquely suited to assume a more business critical position in B2B companies. But this opportunity also comes with in- creasing expectations.

CEOs and boards are looking to marketers to manage and measure more touchpoints and actively drive revenue. The challenge is that many CEOs still aren’t seeing the impact.

As an example of this, a study of 1,200 CEOs showed that 80% of CEOs don’t really trust their marketing team and are not impressed by the work being done.

The question is, how can marketers move out of the valley of unmet expectations and truly position their function as a revenue center?

What’s inside the guide

  • How to set the strategic direction for your Marketing function
  • How to design your Marketing Operating Model
  • How to measure Marketing´s contribution to the business
  • How to align marketing and sales
  • How to define your Marketing Tech stack
  • How to implement a transformation of the Marketing function in just 100 days
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The Marketing Machine

About the book

"This guide is an attempt to codify how these frontrunners go about optimizing their strategic direction and operational engine. It is based on inspiration from what others are thinking and doing synthesized with our own experience from more than 40 years of aggregated consulting experience within sales & marketing for business-to-business companies."
Quote from The Marketing Machine
Authors: Thomas, Martin & Mikkel