Strategic Branding

Understand your outset, make the right choices and outline the coherent set of actions to boost profitable, organic growth.

Take your strategic branding to a whole new level

For B2B companies, managing and positioning their brands is often an under-prioritized area. Many companies have been through extensive M&A activities and operate with a brand narrative that is out of sync with their customers and the company’s renewed capabilities.

By sorting out their brand strategy, BTB companies can reduce costs by trimming their brand portfolio and drive growth through increased relevance and differentiation of the remaining brands.

We help commercial leaders through the strategy process from research to decision-making and activation.

What we do

Before logos are crafted, new business cards are printed, and ads are developed, we help clients understand customer needs, the competitive space, and their brands’ uniqueness. We use these insights to define four things:


What is your unifying vision and mission that guides all employees across the company?

Brand Architecture

How many brands should you have, and how should they be linked and layered?

Brand Positioning & Messaging

What does your brand stand for in the marketplace, and which supporting messages substantiate this positioning?

Brand Expression & Experience

How does your brand look, feel and sound when customers interface with it?

We help commercial leaders through the strategy process from research to decision-making and activation.

How we work

We help customers understand the outset, including how their brands(s) are perceived today and how they should be deployed going forward. Through this process, we look holistically at both the company, competition, and customers.

Understand customer needs and market drivers

We deploy a wide range of research methodologies such as interviews, workshops, surveys as well as asses existing strategies to “draw the map”.

Map the positioning, identity & messaging of key competitors

We frame critical decisions and articulate plausible scenarios for the brand – all based on the output from the research phase.

Map the brand value and market perception of your existing brand(s)

If needed we test brand and positioning scenarios for relevance and differentiation among customers, partners, and employees.

Define brand

Based on the research and testing we develop a crisp positioning and future-proof brand architecture that align to the direction of the business.

Internal & external testing of brand hypotheses

Based on the direction of the brand platform we develop the supportive messaging and key sales-enabling assets that bring it to life 


Case in point

A global leader within master data management software was in the process of repositioning the brand to cater better to the needs of business decision-makers, rather than the technical target group, which the company had served historically.

In over six months, the company partnered with Kvadrant Consulting to better understand customer needs, current market perception of the company, and devise routes for the brand going forward.

These routes were tested among customers, employees, and partners alike for uniqueness, relevance, and believability. Based on these insights, we devised a new corporate messaging framework and developed segment-specific storylines.

We revamped sales collateral to reflect the new expanded and outcome-focused brand story and trained the customer-facing personnel to use them when engaging with customers.