Digital Sales

Take full advantage of new, direct and in-direct paths to purchase; eCommerce and digital marketplaces that are taking an increasing share of sales.

Take your eCommerce & Marketplace Strategy to a new level

The transparency, speed and convenience of the internet is changing buyer behaviour and channels even in the most complex of B2B industries.

However, many B2B organisations have not embraced or even fully understood the implications of players like Amazon or the direct sales model. Whether you are a B2B manufacturer that works with a complex network or distributors or a reseller yourself, you need a clear strategy for how to either maximize impact, defend share of wallet or enter new markets via digital channels.


How to develop an eCommerce & Marketplace Strategy

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What we do
We help B2B companies analyze the opportunities and threats presented by eCommerce and marketplaces, and develop the proper strategy, activities and organisational capabilities to support that journey.
We help commercial leaders through the strategy process from research to decision-making and activation.
This might include:

When working with eCommerce and marketplaces, we emphasize a deep understanding of your current business, channels partners and the competitive landscape.

With the destructive and distracting power of channel conflicts, eCommerce and marketplace plays must be made with care for most B2B organisations, and with great strategic heft. This is where we can help.

We help commercial leaders through the strategy process from research to decision-making and activation.

How we work

We combine digitally savvy and native insights and experience with deep understanding of your business, industry and the B2B buying process. 

When working with Kvadrant:

You will get a partner that has both developed and implemented eCommerce and marketplace strategy, have experience with Amazon and other players from several industries and can work on both a strategic and operational level.

This is crucial within eCommerce, where careful consideration of customer journeys, support, tech and especially logistics make all the difference.

We approach eCommerce strategy with an in-house developed framework where we dive into:
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If you want a truly independent eCommerce & marketplace strategy. We are not tied to any particular channel, technology or ecosystem, and can provide the right combination of strategic insight with operational guidance to make your eCommerce venture a success.

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