Marketing Capability Building & Training

Marketing departments often have both a competency-gap as well as different views on what marketing actually is. Training can help address both.

Upgrading and aligning marketing competencies for modern B2B marketing

Most marketers have no formal training in marketing, and almost zero competency development in their careers. They come from a myriad of backgrounds, from CMO’s to field marketers to SEO specialists, and often have competiting views on what marketing is, how it works and what good looks like.

Marketing training  aims to rectify these gaps. It works both to upgrade everyones understanding of particular channels, templates, strategies and tactics. But even more important, it gives everyone a shared understanding of what marketing actually is, the models and templates we use and a better foundation for collaboration.

Why is proper marketing training important?

What we do

Kvadrant Consulting acts as a unique training partner for marketing teams. We are practicioners of marketing ourselves, and have often spent may years in the trenches with large organizations. 

With this in mind, we design training programs that fit your context, instead of run-of-the-mill tool-based training:

  • Marketing planning and strategy training: Establish a common baseline for how we do marketing in a particular company and context, and develop shared tools for planning, strategy, and initiatives.
  • Digital marketing training: Recognizing that many marketing departments have a specific gap n digital across the organization. 
  • Revenue marketing training: Upgrading core competencies around B2B marketing strategy, insight, full-funnel revenue programs, ABM & sales collaboration

Sales figured this out a long time ago. As there is no “sales” education, training programs can have a transformative impact on team. In fact Marketing teams often needs this even more, as not just backgrounds but day-to-day work varies immensely.

Case in point

A global medtech company contacted Kvadrant Consulting to upgrade the strategic and digital marketing capabilities of a very decentralized marketing organisation that lagged a shared way of working and ambition for best-practice.   

One of the consequences of the decentralized model is a lack shared approach and high variance in capabilities across markets when it comes to marketing planning. Each market for their own. This inconsistency led to challenges within the local organizations and in the collaboration with global product management, academy and marketing communications functions. 

They chose to launch a global training program for all marketing employees. Kvadrant helped scope, outline, develop and conduct the training. Based on workshops with local and global marketing leaders Kvadrant helped design two distinct programs – one for strategic marketing and one for digital marketing . Once this platform was in place the content for each module was developed through a highly involving process.  

Besides designing the program Kvadrant Consulting: 

  • Conducted bootcamps with the local teams across the world on strategic marketing planning
  • Facilitated reinforcement and coaching sessions split into two tracks – one for the marketing leaders and one for the rank and file – in the year following the initial trainings
  • Hosted virtual trainings on digital marketing that included pre-work, coaching and on-the-job application tasks 

The project leader rated the program at 4,8 / 5 in terms of satisfaction, and the training program has helped elevated the marketing function to become more strategic and business-critical