Product Launch Excellence

A fresh take on higher success rates and faster time to market with new products and solutions in a complex buying environment.

Product launches in B2B are broken - we need a new approach

Too many B2B marketing departments operate with an out-dated mode of going to market, focusing on the very basics of marketing; arranging events, driving some awareness, producing marketing material and acting as sales support.

As buyers increasingly do their own research online and avoid physical sales interactions, marketing must step up to become an increasingly strategic function, becoming a true revenue driver across the sales funnel. However, this often requires a larger transformation of the marketing department, across strategic direction, capabilities, tools, partners and ways of working.

How to launch products in a B2B market

What we do

We help companies reconfigure their product launch approach through a number of deliverables: 

  • Launch support and execution
    We act as hands-on partners for specific, high-value product launches to ensure success. 
  • Product launch strategy, process & playbook

    Clarifying how we launch products, and the commercially oriented process and playbook we follow.

  • Product & portfolio training
    Helping diverse sales & marketing teams with a new approach on product launches and delivering product & portfolio training.
  • Setting up cross-functional product launch teams
    Helping to establish and run teams across sales, marketing & product. 

The Campfire approach to launching in B2B is driven by the fact that launches work differently in complex industries; longer time to ramp, larger buying groups, existing portfolios and complex ecosystems.

Case in point

A global medtech company was struggling to commercialize a very broad and diverse set of products and categories, often ending up with mediocre launch success.

With highly diverse local markets, product launch success required GTM strategies to be tailored to local market environments.

However, local commercial resources were limited, so they found it difficult to provide guidance that would empower local markets to make tailored launch strategies without overburdening them with work.

Kvadrant facilitated a clarification of the product development and launch process, including the responsibilities of both Global and Local commercial functions. One major change was to expand the collaboration zone, so local market insight was incorporated into product development, which was necessary due to large variation in market needs and competitive landscapes.

Kvadrant helped develop a guidebook containing a condensed set of prioritised tools to be applied across the product development and launch. The purpose of the tools were to enable the right strategic thinking around product development and launch as well as pragmatic tools for launch execution.