Sales & Buyer Enablement Assets

Help your buyers complete their jobs-to-be-done and help sellers sell. 

Create content your sellers and buyers actually want

Buyer and sales enablement assets are essential tools that help businesses sell their products or services effectively, either by helping buyers buy or sellers sell. 

Having a clear understanding of what assets to prioritize and develop is critical as research show that 60-70% of marketing-created content is never used by sales because they – among other things –  find it irrelevant and hard to use in conversations.

At the same time, buyers are experiencing an abundant, and often conflicting, amount of information across a myriad of channels and touchpoints, which is focused on promoting the product rather than accommodating needs. 

How to develop a Buyer Enablement Asset

What we do

If you’re in B2B sales & marketing, you need to stay grounded on growth initiatives that can deliver results within the next 1-3 years, and most organizations simply aren’t in a place to realistically get value out of cutting edge technology.

We help B2B companies identify, size and implement the truly transformative digital initiatives that matter. At Kvadrant Consulting we design and help her buyer & sales enablement assets that cater to frontline and buyer needs. We assist you in developing:

  • Buyer guides: Including tools to make the right decisions including ROI and TCO calculators and vendor checklists 
  • Diagnostic assets: Providing buyers with practical frameworks to assess current state and identify new opportunities. 
  • Sales conversational tools: Meeting sheets, sales plays, objective handling sheets and more – all designed to help sellers have better conversations. 
  • Sales presentations: Instead of simple product presentations, meeting key customer challenges and framing it based on commercial insights. 

It’s easy to get lost in the hype of new technologies, but commercial organizations can’t make wild bets on over-hyped buzzwords. Every initiative must be able to be tied to new revenue in the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately we see a trend sometimes to spend too much time on moonshots and cutting edge technology, simply because they’re exciting to talk about and less committing than more hands-on efforts.

Case in point

An internal SaaS company that focuses on enterprise customers needed to be able to guide customers’ buying process while establishing itself as a credible category leader. 

In close collaboration with internal design competencies, Kvadrant Consulting researched and created a Buyer Guide. The buyer guide does not serve as a shopping list, but rather as a tool to make the right considerations ahead of investing in the category & how to drive a such buying process while navigating a complex vendor landscape and many internal stakeholders. 

The asset is used in both sales outreach as well as marketing activation, with the buyer guide being the best source of new leads in the category, still running 2 years after its creation.