Sales training & development

Sales is a field of constant evolution. Keep in front of the pack, and constantly update your seller’s skills. 

Relevant sales training will help you differentiate from competitors

Keeping in front of the pack requires sellers to constantly update their knowledge and beliefs – something that is often forgotten in the constant pursuit of quota. 

Aligning sellers on processes, tools, and assets – on an ongoing basis – drive sustainable results. At Kvadrant Consulting, we specialize in providing sales training that goes beyond skill development.

We anchor our training programs into your organization, working to accelerate the long-term impact.

We help commercial leaders through the process of unlocking the potential that your sales team carry

What we do

Our approach to sales training focuses on delivering impactful programs that address the specific needs of your sales team. Here’s some of the ways we work with you to enhance sales performance:

Training needs assessment: We conduct a thorough assessment of your sales team’s current skills, knowledge gaps, and training requirements.

Customized Training Design: Based on the assessment findings, we develop customized training modules that align with your sales objectives and target customer segments. 

Interactive training delivery: We deliver engaging and interactive training sessions that incorporate a variety of learning methodologies, such as role-plays, case studies, group activities, and real-life scenarios. 

Sales tools and resources: In addition to training sessions, we provide your sales team with practical tools and resources to support their learning and application of new skills. 

Post-training reinforcement: Our post-training reinforcement strategies, such as coaching sessions, follow-up workshops, and ongoing support, ensure that the training outcomes are sustained and integrated into the sales team’s routines.

How to conduct salesforce development

How we work

Our sales training process follows a structured approach to ensure effective learning and skills transfer, which will generate long-term commercial value:

Assessment &

We assess your sales team’s current skills and knowledge through interviews, surveys, and observation. This analysis helps us identify areas for improvement and customize the training content accordingly.

Training Design & Development

Based on the assessment findings, we design customized training modules that address the identified skill gaps. We develop engaging training materials, including presentations, exercises, and practical tools.

Training Delivery

Our experienced trainers deliver the training programs either in-person or through virtual platforms. We create a supportive learning environment that encourages active participation, skills practice, and knowledge sharing among the sales team members.

Skills Application
& Reinforcement

Following the training sessions, we provide ongoing support to ensure the application of newly acquired skills in real-world sales scenarios. This may include coaching sessions, role-plays, and targeted exercises to reinforce learning and drive behavioral change.

Performance Evaluation

We assess the impact of the training through performance evaluations and feedback from sales leaders and team members. This evaluation helps us measure the effectiveness of the training and identify further areas for improvement or additional training needs.

Case in point

The CCO of a global safety services company needed to equip the salesforce with new skills to succeed with the launch of a new set of company solutions, different from the commercial organization’s traditional “products”.

He needed a sales training program that could be rolled out globally, with limited need for regional tailoring, equipping the global salesforce with the ability to sell based on value (Value-Based Selling), and acting as a trusted advisor to their customers (Consultative Seller).

Over four months, the company partnered with Kvadrant Consulting to create a company tailored program built around value-based selling and consultative selling, delivering training & skills development through a mix of e-learning, virtual & on-site training sessions.

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