About Kvadrant Consulting

A Copenhagen based management consultancy, specializing in sales and marketing transformation for global B2B companies. From strategy to implementation we help B2B companies grow smarter.

Founded in 2018 to bridge the sales & marketing gap

By partners with decades of experience within sales & marketing from the field, consulting and agency business, to bridge the sales & marketing gap in operations and transformation.

Copenhagen based – serving global B2B clients

From our offices in the heart of Copenhagen, we work primarily with commercial leaders in Nordic B2B companies and operate globally through them and their organisation as required.

Senior heavy, with the best place to work for young talent

We are a senior-heavy organisation led by thought leaders in their fields, but strive to bring on and educate the next generation of commercial leaders & consultants in B2B sales & marketing.

Our people

B2B sales & marketing specialists experienced within change and transformation on both individual and organisational levels to develop solutions that work and stick.

Thomas Børve-Jørgensen
Managing Partner

Thomas has 15+ years of experience as a management consultant. He specializes in high complexity B2B sales and marketing and has led numerous global commercial transformation projects.

Martin Nyvang Mariussen

Martin has 10+ years of experience as management consultant to commercial B2B leaders with a special focus on commercial strategy, global salesforce development, marketing organization and building inside sales functions.

Mikkel Bach-Andersen

Mikkel has has 15+ years of experience of practicing and consulting within B2B marketing & sales. He has a functional focus on brand strategy, value propositions, segmentation, organizational design, commercial & marketing strategy, product launches and deal acceleration.

Brian Andersen

Brian is an expert in B2B sales & marketing and digital transformation. His focus in Kvadrant is on all aspects of revenue marketing, close collaboration with sales, and building digitally competent organisations.

Sixten Schultz

Sixten is an expert in B2B sales & marketing. With a strong background working in management consulting and in high-paced scale-ups. His focus in Kvadrant is on creating efficient and effective sales organisations.

Nils Lindner Koch

Nils is a seasoned marketing, sales, and positioning practitioner with a strategic mind and more than 15 years of experience leading end-to-end brand and marketing transformations and implementation programs for leading B2B and B2C companies.

Nanna Blicher Albert
Senior Analyst

Kayleigh Nozarick
Business Analyst

August Paludan
Business Analyst

Leonie Schröder

Leonie Schröder
Business Analyst

Peter Gulstad Heslop
Business Analyst

Kamille Busch Hansen
Business Analyst

Martijn Kemmeren
Senior Manager

Nønne Jørgensen
Head of Finance

Kvadrant Consulting behind the scene

Current job opportunities​

We are growing and rapidly onboarding new clients to the Kvadrant tribe. Can you help them realize the full potential of their commercial organization? If you are interested in hearing more please call: +45 25 34 00 35

We drive closer sales & marketing collaboration through entire sales & buyer journey.