The Growth Agenda​

+100 pages on critical development initiatives for sales & marketing leaders to win in the new B2B buying environment and how to succeed with the transformation.

A sales and marketing leadership guide to drive growth in the new B2B buying environment

The Growth Agenda is a collection of articles written by Kvadrant Consulting within the last two years, related to B2B commercial strategy, development, and transformation.

The articles are written to commercial leaders within this area, that are looking for inspiration, big ideas and answers to how, specifically, they can accelerate organic growth.

The Growth Agenda touches upon many different corners of the B2B commercial landscape. Some examples are why the commercial leader must:

  • Dismantle the sales & marketing assembly line, as B2B buyers are channel agnostic
  • Tailor its salesforce to better align the new B2B buying environment and sell to polarizing B2B buyers
  • Ensure marketing can become indispensables to the salesforce
  • Successfully develop the commercial team and implement above mentioned ideas and initiatives

It is our ambition to provide the reader with trustworthy and ever-lasting advice in the dynamic and ever-changing B2B business landscape.

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The Growth Agenda

About the book

"As commercial leaders, we often find ourselves bogged down in the weeds of operations, with difficulty to look beyond the next reporting call, management meeting or ongoing technology implementation. The Revenue Engine must run and deliver on its targets. There is little room to look at the bigger picture, to ask and find answers to where the commercial organization might be heading and what it might look like in a not so distant future."
Quote from The Growth Agenda
Authors: Thomas, Martin & Mikkel