5 ideas to get more bang for your B2B marketing bucks in 2023

Pratical tips to optimize marketing effectiveness and efficiency. In this webinar we will give you 5 ideas to boost your marketing bucks.

About the webinar

March 20, 2023

With many marketing budgets tightening, it’s time to reflect on how to get more value from the money you’re already spending.

In this short but effective webinar, we present 5 ideas and concepts that will help you balance your budget, get more value from your creative development spend, measure what matters and work closer with sales.

For each of the 5 ideas, we’ll present a short case that illustrates how a B2B company improved outcomes withoutincreasing spend, or in some cases even lowered it.


8:15 The difference between effectiveness & efficiency

8:20 Balancing budgets for growth

8:25 Making creative like its 2023

8:30 Measuring what matters

8:35 Marketing & sales collaboration

8:45 Open Q&A and discussion

Brian Andersen
Brian Andersen
Brian is an expert in B2B sales & marketing and digital transformation. His focus in Kvadrant is on all aspects of revenue marketing, close collaboration with sales, and building digitally competent organisations.
Webinar Information

Target audience

✓ Commercial leaders
✓ CMO/VP/Heads of Global Marketing
✓ Regional Heads of Marketing

Key take-aways

✓ Effectiveness and efficiency are not the same – and there is a tendency to get lost in miniature optimization

✓ Even with small marketing budgets, B2B companies should still balance their spend

✓ Creative development is often stuck in the past and we can get a lot more outcomes from our creative and content efforts