From our Copenhagen office, we help B2B companies grow by attracting and engaging smarter with more customers all over the world

Our clients are companies that experience a need to better meet the changing demands of the modern B2B buyer. They recognise a need to develop and integrate their sales and marketing organisations to better serve costumers and to stay competitive. 

Our B2B Sales & Marketing Specialists are experienced within change and transformation on both individual and organisational level and know how to develop solutions that work and stick.

If you are a commercial leader with a need to understand your organisational “blindspots” and seek ways to fundamentally change the way your Sales and Marketing functions operate you have come to the right place.

Thomas Børve-Jørgensen

Managing Partner

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Martin Nyvang Mariussen


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Mikkel Bach-Andersen


+45 40411331

Frederik Gabriel

Management Consultant

+45 40412356

Karl Kjellerup Barfoed 

Management Consultant

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Nønne Børve-Jørgensen

Office Manager

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Valentin Hjarsø Dybkjær

Business Analyst

+45 53852554

We work globally, from the heart of Copenhagen

Bredgade 20, 1st Floor, 1260 Copenhagen

Bredgade 20, 1st Floor

1260 Copenhagen 





We are growing and rapidly onboarding new clients to the Kvadrant tribe. Can you help them realize the full potential of their commercial organisation? If you are interested in any of these positions or have further questions, please call: +45 40410074

Currently, we are looking for:

  • Management Consultant: With strong capabilities within commercial transformation and strategy. Click this Link to see more


We love the B2B Marketing & Sales Professsion; Helping people solve their problems through the purchase of a service or solution. But we think too few Marketing & Sales Organisations clearly appreciate how difficult it is for the B2B buyers to buy today.

6.8 stakeholders need to agree that there is a problem that needs solving, that it is worth solving, how to solve it and who to solve it. B2B buying is complex, your Marketing and Sales Organisation must reduce that complexity and enable their clients to invest (buy) to solve challenges and achieve their goals.

B2B Buying isn’t easy and neither is B2B Marketing & Sales. We are here to help make it better.


Understand: You neded consulting and development assistance, that take its point of departure in your specific situation, ambition for the future and challenges to get there. We start any client relationship with understanding.

Assess: You need investment in organisational development, that take its point of departure in a professional assessment of your strengths and key areas for improvement. We always assess your commercial capabilities to help you invest in the most high impact areas.

Plan: You need development, that take its point of departure in basic change management principles to ensure development ressources are translated into sustained behaviourial change and results. We always plan development from a change management perspective.

Develop: You need development, that happens (1) “off-line” (class-room training), (2) “online” (digital training) and (3)  “in-line” (on-the-job training). We always think develoment holistically, not just as a once off training session.

Measure & Follow-up: You need to demonstrate ROI and ensure that change is sustained over time, to become your new commercial norm. We always build -and follow up on customer impact cases to demonstrate our value.

Bredgade 20 1st floor, 1260 Copenhagen

+45 40410043

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